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Model: Funkulator
Effects Type:

The funky love-child of the acclaimed MK.4.23 and the Holy Fire; the Funkulator shares the same DNA, boutique styling, pro audio specs and studio quality but with a funktastic sound that’s all it’s own!

– Finger-style tone to the perfect slap sound with one click of a switch.
– Not a Slapper? Use the Funkulator to add tightness and punch to finger-style and pick tones. You may find yourself never turning it off!
– Pristine Redeemer buffered circuit.

Buffered bypass is stock. (true bypass is optional).

With the Funkulator bypassed, dial up your amp for the tone you like for finger style playing. Click in the pedal and dial up the Funkulator for the prefect slap style tone. Use a little to add punch to your finger style, a little more to tighten up on your pick style. Sounds great on guitar too – really tightens up clean chicken pickin’, or max it after a distortion pedal for a heavy metal Q.

Varying Degrees of Funk
With the Funkulator, we want you to be able to dial in a great sound quickly and easily. That’s why we kept it simple – one knob, one switch. You need the flexibility to funkulate on your terms so the Funkulator gives you a wide range of tones. Simplicity + flexibility. We call it “varying degrees of funk”.


Tone Shaper

Inputs & Outputs:

Inputs: 1/4″ jack
Power: Standard center-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector


9-volt power supply

Status: Active
Country of Origin: USA
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Creation Audio Labs – Funkulator