Mozztronics – BOD-1 Bass Drive

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Model: BOD-1 Bass Drive
Effects Type:

Mozztronics’ BOD-1 Bass Drive pedal is engineered with precision for discerning bass players. The pedal design involves a signal-splitting mechanism to optimize tone control.

One signal path maintains the bass guitar’s original integrity, passing through the DRY volume control directly to the output, preserving its warmth and authenticity.

Simultaneously, another signal path undergoes meticulous enhancement, first traversing a high pass filter to refine the overdrive, then navigating through a double clipping stage for nuanced distortion adjustment as signal levels intensify.

This processed signal is further sculpted by advanced CONTOUR circuitry before reaching the WET volume control, enabling users to finely tune the blend between the original and overdriven signals for optimal tonal balance.

The GAIN control offers a continuum of overdrive intensity, from subtle nuances to full-throttle distortion, while DRY regulates the level of the bass guitar’s unaltered signal.

WET provides precise adjustment of the overdriven signal level, and the CONTOUR switch presents the choice between bright and standard overdrive characteristics.


– Gain
– Dry
– Wet

– Power
– Signal

Inputs & Outputs:

Inputs: Input Type: 1/4″ jack (Side mounted)

Connector Style: Standard center-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector
Outputs: 1/4″ jack (Side mounted)


9-volt power supply

Status: Active
Country of Origin: Australia
Sale Price: BOD-1 Bass Drive
Product Links: BOD-1 Bass Drive
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Mozztronics – BOD-1 Bass Drive