Mozztronics – FP-1 Filter Preamp

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Model: FP-1 Filter Preamp
Effects Type:

GAIN: Adjusts the overall gain, allowing for gain reduction when boosting mids or gain boost when cutting problematic mid frequencies.
HPF (High Pass Filter): This filter is variable from 18Hz to 400Hz. It is recommended to start with the control fully counterclockwise and increase it until unwanted low frequencies are reduced.
LPF (Low Pass Filter): This filter ranges from 1kHz to 18kHz. Start with the control fully clockwise and decrease it until unwanted high frequencies are reduced.

MID: This is the cut/boost EQ control. The center position is flat.
FREQ: Adjusts the mid frequency from 150Hz to 4kHz.
Q: Controls the width of the filter, ranging from a Q of 0.5 to a Q of 5. For boosting mids, it is generally recommended to set the Q low. For cutting mids, set the Q high to act like a notch filter.

Inputs & Outputs:

9-volt power supply
Standard 2.1mm center negative

Status: Active
Country of Origin: Australia
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Mozztronics – FP-1 Filter Preamp