Mozztronics – Optical Compressor CO-2

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Model: Optical Compressor CO-2
Effects Type: Compressor

GAIN: Adjusts the make-up gain to ensure consistent volume from bypass to effect active.
RATIO: Controls the amount of compression, ranging from subtle to intense.
THRESHOLD: Sets the point at which the compressor begins to operate.
ATTACK: Adjusts the speed at which compression starts, allowing initial dynamics to pass through and maintaining sound sparkle (minimum attack time is counterclockwise).
RELEASE: Controls the speed at which compression stops (minimum release time is counterclockwise).

RANGE Switch: Selects the frequency range for compression sensing. In the up position, it operates in full range. Experiment with both positions to find the best setting for your playing style and instrument.
DYNAMICS Control: Implements parallel compression by mixing in a portion of the uncompressed signal, preserving dynamics while achieving compression.

Inputs & Outputs:

9-volt power supply
Standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC

Status: Active
Country of Origin: Australia
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Mozztronics – Optical Compressor CO-2