Trickfish Amplification – External Pre Amp (EPA)

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Model: External Pre Amp (EPA)
Effects Type:

The iconic Trickfish Amplification Internal Pre Amp (IPA) in a box. Perfect for passive or active instruments, the External Pre Amp (EPA) is designed to seamlessly dovetail with your existing sound, while offering the exceptionally voiced 3 band EQ that our IPA preamp users have come to find indispensable. Get the Trickfish onboard preamp sound without modifying your passive bass or add a studio quality preamp/EQ stage to your pedalboard before or after your FX chain for added tonal control. Like the IPA, users can choose from two frequency points per band. This is done via dip switches on the back of the circuit board. Shelving bass boost/cut can be configured at 40Hz or 80Hz, mid boost/cut at 330Hz, 375Hz, 430Hz, or 500Hz and shelving treble boost/cut at 4kHz or 8kHz.


BASS: Shelving boost/cut 12dB @ 40/80Hz
TREBLE: Boost/cut 15dB @ 4k/8kHz
MID: Shelving boost/cut 12dB @ 330/500Hz
ON Footswitch: Toggles effect on/bypass

Inputs & Outputs:

Inputs: Input Type: 1/4″ jack (Top mounted)

Connector Style: Standard center-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector
Outputs: 1/4″ jack (Top mounted)


9-volt adapter:
– 2.1mm jack and negative center pin (standard BOSS style)

Power Consumption: 2.6 mA

Status: Active
Country of Origin: USA
Lifecycle: <strong>Released:</strong> 2019
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Trickfish Amplification – External Pre Amp (EPA)