Trickfish Amplification – Signal-Filter

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Model: Signal-Filter
Effects Type: Filter

ntroducing the ultimate tone sculpting tool for musicians who demand precision and versatility: the Signal Filter. This isn’t just any filter; it’s a meticulously designed device that offers unparalleled control over your sound’s frequency spectrum. The Signal Filter is a smart tone shaping tool that offers variable High Pass and Low Pass filters to “pocket” your sound, reigning in the high and low end when you need a tone that’s a little less wide or hi-fi.

As opposed to traditional EQ which boosts and cuts at a set frequency with sloping curves on either side, the Signal Filter uses dual, independently selectable filters that offer a steep cut at 24db per octave on the bass range starting at 38Hz all the way up to 310hz, and on the treble range from 330hz all the way down to 15kHz. This allows you to curb the highs and/or the lows while keeping the remaining inside frequencies fully intact. Say you like the sound of your bass but the low end is too boomy on stage? No problem, just dial up the High Pass until your sound is tightened up but still full and beefy. Maybe your bass sounds great but is a little bright or ‘clanky’ up top? Just dial back the Low Pass until it sounds sufficiently warmed up but retains the right amount of punch and articulation needed. An additional Gain control on the High Pass Channel ensures that any perceived volume lost from cutting the deep low end can be added back in.


HI PASS FILTER: Sweep from 38Hz to 310Hz
HI PASS FILTER: Sweep from 330Hz to 15kHz
HI PASS GAIN: 15dB of gain for hi pass filter
HP+GAIN: Footswitch toggles effect on/bypass
LO PASS: Footswitch toggles effect on/bypass

Inputs & Outputs:

Inputs: Input Type: 1/4″ jack (Top mounted)

Connector Style: Standard center-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector
Outputs: 1/4″ jack (Top mounted)


9-volt adapter:
– 2.1mm jack and negative center pin (standard BOSS style)

Power Consumption: 3.9 mA

Status: Active
Country of Origin: USA
Lifecycle: <strong>Released:</strong> 2019
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Trickfish Amplification – Signal-Filter