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Mozztronics, based in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in handcrafting a variety of Guitar and Bass effects pedals, along with a select range of studio gear.

The ethos at Mozztronics revolves around sustainability and innovation. They are committed to minimizing environmental impact by eschewing 9V batteries in favor of external power sources for all their pedals. This approach not only reduces waste but also allows for more intricate electronic designs, maximizing performance in compact enclosures.

With a focus on originality, Mozztronics takes pride in producing effects pedals that stand apart from the mainstream. While they offer a limited selection, each pedal is meticulously crafted to offer a unique sonic experience. Embracing analog technology exclusively, Mozztronics pedals are free from digital electronics.

Despite their commitment to originality, Mozztronics does offer some familiar effects, such as compressors, tremolos, and solid-state dirt boxes. However, each of these products is designed with distinctive features to set them apart from conventional offerings in the market. For instance, their optical compressor employs a novel approach for studio-quality compression in a pedal format, while their tremolo utilizes both sine and square LFO waves and traditional opto devices for classic tremolo effects.

Mozztronics’ solid-state dirt boxes, including the Expandrive and Bonebreaker, offer unique tonal shaping capabilities, such as adjustable asymmetry and expansion, providing users with versatile alternatives to standard overdrive pedals.

Furthermore, Mozztronics’ Tube driver TD-1 and TD-2 pedals boast genuine 12AX7 tubes, delivering authentic tube-driven tone and texture. When Mozztronics promises “tube drive,” they mean it—real tubes power their pedals, ensuring an unmistakable sound quality and character.

Country: Australia
Product Lineup:

Effects Pedals, Direct Boxes (DIs)

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