Bass Effects Database Updates – May 2024

Bass Effects Latest Effects Pedals Mozztronics - CO-2 Opto Comp Mozztronics - FP-1 Filter Preamp Trickfish Amplification – External Pre Amp (EPA) Trickfish Amplification – Overdrive Preamp Trickfish Amplification – Signal-Filter Trickfish Amplification – VCA...

Bass Effects Database Updates – April 2024

New Additions Added April 28, 2024 Mozztronics – BOD-1 Bass Drive Moody Sounds – Hjärt Müller Added April 18, 2024 Aguilar Amps – Limited Subway   View the Bass Effects Database
Aguilar Amps Limited Subway Edition Tone Hammer 2024

The Aguilar Amps Limited Subway Edition Tone Hammer Preamp/DI

Aguilar Amps has introduced a special limited-edition pedal called the Subway Edition Tone Hammer Preamp/DI Pedal. This unique pedal pays homage to New York City, where Aguilar was born. Here are some details about it: Design: The Subway Edition Tone Hammer features...

Bass Effects Database Updates – March 2024

New Additions Added March 9, 2024 Carl Martin Bass Chorus Carl Martin Bass Overdrive Added March 8, 2024 Behringer Bass Overdrive BOD400 Behringer Bass Equalizer BEQ700 Behringer Bass Limiter Enhancer BLE400 Added March 4, 2024 Goliath FX - Hornburg Added March 2,...
Black Friday 2023 Sale

Black Friday 2023 Sale Continues

The Black Friday sale continues with major discounts on all in stock bass effects pedals. Get up to 30% off until Monday night @11:59pm. Keep checking this website for crazy deals or follow my Reverb Shop. Black Friday Sale details All bass effects pedals will be...
Get 30% off Flattley Guitar Pedals Bass Poison Ivy fuzz pedal

Get 30% off Flattley Guitar Pedals Bass Poison Ivy Fuzz

Black Friday deal! Get 30% off the Flattley Guitar Pedals Bass Poison Ivy fuzz pedal from Made For Bass.

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The Bass Effects Database

An Online Database of bass effects made for bass guitar

Bass Gear Database

The Bass Effects Database is a database of gear designed for bass guitar. From popular commercial brands to the smallest boutique builders, the Bass Effects Database supports the entire bass guitar community.

The idea is to create an online archive that can easily be searched by bass players and enthusiasts looking to discover new and cool gear.

The database continues to grow but I am always looking for help discovering new brands and gear.   If you would like to suggest some gear or if you are a builder and would like to have your gear listed, please contact me.

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