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Brand: Aguilar

Aguilar Amplification’s product range includes heads, cabinets, preamps, pickups, and effects pedals, influencing various facets of bass sound. With a team comprising bass players and engineers, Aguilar approaches each product with a deep understanding of musical nuances, envisioning gear from the musician’s perspective before engaging in inspired engineering. Their guiding principle of “constant improvement” drives them to refine their offerings continually, ensuring they contribute meaningfully to musicians’ soundscapes. Aguilar amplifiers, cabinets, and pedals grace concert stages and recording studios worldwide, while their pickups and onboard preamps adorn many of the finest bass guitars. Proud to play a role in shaping the sound of numerous esteemed bass players, Aguilar looks forward to becoming an integral part of your musical journey.

Country: USA
Product Lineup:

Effects Pedals, Bass Amps, Bass Cabs, Pickups/Preamps, Instrument/Speaker Cables

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