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Creation Audio Labs, also known as CAL, was founded in 2003 by former engineers of Harman Pro North America (HPNA) who chose to remain in Nashville. Initially established as a repair center specializing in audio console upgrades, pro audio repair, and vintage equipment restorations, the company later ventured into designing high-quality guitar effects pedals and related products.

Their flagship product, the REDEEMER circuit, debuted in 2005, offering exceptional tone preservation against common sources of signal degradation. The success of the REDEEMER led to the development of the MK.4.23 clean boost pedal, endorsed by renowned artists like Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh.

In 2007, CAL collaborated with producer Michael Wagener to create the MW1 STUDIO TOOL, a pristine DI/Reamp box praised for its tonal transparency and versatility. Subsequent releases included the HOLY FIRE overdrive distortion pedal, featuring innovative wave-shaping circuitry, and power solutions such as the pedaltrain powertrain1250 power supply and the PowerHouse PH.4.13 console power supplies.

In 2013, CAL introduced a power boosting circuit capable of elevating standard 9V pedal power to 36V or 72V, leading to the development of pedals like the FUNKULATOR Bass Tone Shaper and the GRIZZLY BASS overdrive distortion pedal. These innovations have solidified CAL’s reputation for delivering premium-quality, tonally superior effects pedals that cater to the discerning needs of musicians worldwide.

Country: USA
Product Lineup:

Effects Pedals, Preamps

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Creation Audio Labs