A New Beginning

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Hey everyone!

Some huge changes to Made For Bass! The biggest one being the online shop has been closed. But don’t worry, you will still be able to buy cool bass effects and gear from my Reverb Shop.

I decided to close the online shop, which was hosted by Shopify, because I didn’t have time over the summer to run it efficiently. To be honest, working with international markets was becoming increasingly expensive, to the point that it didn’t make sense to continue with this business model.

The Future of Made For Bass

I’m not ready to completely throw in the towel just yet! I enjoy working with the bass community too much to stop now. So, I’m going back to the drawing board to come up with a new strategy for MFB.

The Online Shop

The online shop will move to my Reverb Shop. It is looking like moving away from an international sales market to a market closer to home (Canada/US) can drastically reduce shipping costs. That just means that I would sell products to Canada and maybe the U.S. only. I would still work with international vendors and builders.

The Bass Effects Database

I’d like to continue developing the Bass Effects Database. That means adding more gear designed especially for bass guitar to the database and continuing to improve the functionality and appearance of the database.

Other Features

Of course, moving forward, I would like to continue sharing cool boutique bass gear and the awesome builders who create it. Sharing announcements and interviews with these builders and focusing a little more on MFB social media content.

This is not the end, this is a beginning

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported MFB, whether you’ve shared my content online, purchased a product from my shop or simply followed me on social media, your actions have continued to motivate me to keep it all going.

Cheers to you all!



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Stay Tuned!


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