Fender Offers Bass Player’s Some Love with the New Bassman Effects Pedal Series

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Fender, a name synonymous with legendary instruments and groundbreaking technology, has finally turned its focus towards the bass guitar market with the release of the new Bassman effects pedal series. Designed specifically for bass players, this collection promises to deliver rich, dynamic, and powerful sounds inspired by the iconic Bassman amplifiers. Here’s a closer look at what each pedal in this impressive lineup has to offer.

1. Bassman Driver Pedal

Fender Bassman Fuzz

The Bassman Driver Pedal is your gateway to achieving everything from subtle tube-like breakup to full-on high-gain distortion. It features both JFET circuitry and dynamic clipping stages to emulate the warmth and aggression of a cranked tube amp. Key controls include:

  • Level: Adjusts the output volume.
  • Gain: Controls the amount of overdrive/distortion.
  • Blend: Mixes the clean and overdriven signals.
  • Voice Switch: Adds an extra layer of clipping for a heavier tone.
  • Mids Switch: Provides two preset levels of mid-frequency growl.
  • Internal Tone Control: Fine-tunes the high-frequency content.

This pedal is perfect for bassists looking to add grit and texture to their sound without sacrificing low-end clarity.

2. Bassman Fuzz Pedal

Fender Bassman Fuzz

For those who crave thick, woolly fuzz tones, the Bassman Fuzz Pedal is a dream come true. It features two distinct voices of fuzz and a host of controls to shape your sound precisely:

  • Level: Adjusts the output volume.
  • Fuzz: Controls the amount of fuzz.
  • Blend: Mixes the clean and fuzz signals.
  • Voice Switch: Selects between two fuzz voices.
  • Focus Switch: Provides three focus frequencies (full frequency band, mid/high frequencies, high frequencies only).

Whether you want a subtle layer of fuzz or a full-on sonic assault, this pedal delivers with clarity and punch.

3. Bassman Delay Pedal

Fender Bassman Delay

The Bassman Delay Pedal is tailored to the unique needs of bass players, offering both analog and digital delay options. This pedal ensures your low-end remains prominent while adding ambient textures to your sound:

  • Time: Adjusts the delay time.
  • Feedback: Controls the number of repeats.
  • Level: Sets the output volume of the delayed signal.
  • Type Switch: Switches between analog and digital delay algorithms.
  • Low Switch: Shapes the low frequency presence in the delay repeats.

This pedal is perfect for adding depth and dimension to your bass lines without muddying your tone.

4. Bassman Reverb Pedal

Fender Bassman Reverb

Reverb is often underutilized by bass players, but the Bassman Reverb Pedal changes the game. With two DSP algorithms specifically designed for bass, this pedal brings studio-quality reverb to your pedalboard:

  • Reverb: Adjusts the overall amount of reverb.
  • Dwell: Controls the length and decay of the reverb.
  • Tone: Shapes the EQ of the reverb effect.
  • Blend: Mixes the dry and wet signals.
  • Low Cut: Removes low frequencies from the reverb trails to prevent muddiness.
  • Pre-Delay: Adds a slight delay between each note and its reverb trail.

This pedal is ideal for creating lush, ambient soundscapes while maintaining the clarity of your bass tone​.

5. Bassman Compressor Pedal

Fender Bassman Comp

Compression is crucial for achieving a consistent and polished bass tone, and the Bassman Compressor Pedal delivers professional-grade compression with ease:

  • Level: Adjusts the output volume.
  • Comp: Controls the amount of compression.
  • Blend: Mixes the dry and compressed signals.
  • Ratio Switch: Selects between preset compression ratios.
  • Release Switch: Adjusts the release time of the compression.

Employing RMS compression circuitry, this pedal ensures smooth and natural dynamics, making it a must-have for any serious bassist​.

Fender’s new Bassman effects pedal series, finally shows bass players some love and firmly establishes Fender as a serious contender in the growing bass effects pedal market. Each pedal in the series offers unique features tailored specifically for bassists, ensuring that your tone remains powerful and precise.

The new Bassman pedals are expected to be available for purchase soon, with the Driver, Fuzz, and Compressor pedals priced at $99 USD each, and the Delay and Reverb pedals at $199 USD each​.


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  4. One Control (Japan)
  5. Lehle (Germany)
  6. Dingwall Guitars (Canada)
  7. HAO (Japan)
  8. Trickfish Amplification (USA)
  9. Mozztronics (Australia)
  10. Moody Sounds (Sweden)

Latest Effects

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  3. Fender – Bassman Delay
  4. Fender – Bassman Reverb
  5. Fender – Bassman Comp
  6. Fender – Trapper Bass Distortion
  7. AMT Electronics – BC-1 Bass Crunch
  8. EHX – Lizard King
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  15. Tone Charm Audio – Bass Saturator
  16. DMT Custom Shop – Bass Hammer

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