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I am excited to announce that Made For Bass is now a dealer for GUP Tech bass pedals!
GUP Tech, located in Saguenay, Quebec, was started in 2019 by Guillaume and Emilie. They create guitar and bass effects and are also a repair service for guitars, amps and pedals.
GUP Tech pedals feature colourful, artful designs that showcase the humour, passion, mind for art and a general craziness of their creator!
The bass pedal lineup includes several “made for bass” effects including:

Gup Tech BFF Bass Fire Fuzz

BFF – Bas Fire Fuzz

This Dual bass fuzz is a nice Swiss knife to any bassist board. Two distinct fuzz tone available from the Dual knob. From tight gain to saw-tooth, there’s a lot of fuzz here. The blend knob let you blend as much (or as little ;)) of you clean signal.

Bass Bone - Bass Preamp / OD

Bass Bone – Bass Preamp OD

Inspired by the incredible work around the Darkglass B3K, this overdrive-preamp is the perfect new friend to your bass. Three Attack and Grunt modes. The level knob controls the driven signal, the blend knob will mix from 0-100% the pedal dirt to your clean tone.

A(((Ole))) – Death By Unicorn Reedition ’22

Built in an oversize box, this is a Hot Rodded RAT Fuzz-Octa-Boost with 3 clipping modes. It’s like having a RAT, a Green Ringer, and a boost in the same enclosure.

Taxi Cab (Cab Sim)

This pedal will bring any pedalboard tone to a complete “Micked Cab Tone”. Just plug the output into any Computer Sound card and record your pedalboard straight ahead.

Look for GUP Tech bass pedals soon at the Made For Bass Shop – coming soon!

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