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Welcome bass players and enthusiats!

Welcome to the Made For Bass website, a place for bass guitar enthusiasts to find gear specifically made for bass!

The Made for Bass catalogue features bass amps/cabs, effects pedals, bass hardware, plugins and other bass accessories. Although I’ve done my best to list products made for bass guitar, there may be some products that find their way onto the site that work with both bass and guitar. In these cases, I will attempt to add a label or tag to the product to indicate it’s not bass specific. 

A little bit about this website

The primary goal of Made For Bass is to share and showcase bass related gear. It is a time-consuming, never-ending task, adding new products to the cataloge. If you don’t find the product or brand you are looking for, please be patient. It will eventually get added. You can help speed up the process by submitting a request using this form:  Submit Bass Gear.

The Submit Bass Gear form can also be used to request a correction or update to an existing product. 

Bass news!

Though the main focus is on bass gear, you will also find Bass News and Builder Showcase.

From time to time, I will post bass related news. This is generally sharing press releases and news from bass gear manufacturers. Of course you can expect a lot of this news to come from the big names because it is much easier for them to reach a larger audience; however, Made For Bass supports the little DIY builders too! To make things easier, you can submit your news directly to Made For Bass using the Submit Bass News form.


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